Instant Money rituals

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Instant Money rituals that work

Instant Money rituals are also known as money spells done for you to get or solve money problems within a short period of time. These spells require a specialized spell caster who knows how to control the ancient spirits that grant riches, good luck and protection to people. In this article I am going to talk about the 4 best Instant Money rituals spells that I cast

Instant Money rituals for good luck

In these spells everything you will do for the sake of getting rich will always bring good results to you, for example you have a business but you don’t get customers, these spells will help you get many customers within a short period of time, or you need to be a high paying job, win lottery, succeed with business deal, or promotion at your job etc. cast instant money ritual spells for good luck


There is a saying that says more money more problems, once you get rich there will always be people who want to want to take make you poor again, destroy you or sue you. You have to be prepared for these types of fights before they put you down. An instant money spell for protection will give you protection against all your enemies

Persuasion money spell

These spells are verbal, if you want riches and fame through using the power of talking. For example you are  politician, musician, tv or radio presenter, business sales person, activist etc. they will gift you with an incredible force of power to persuade anyone to you side  and attract big masses of people to follow and believe in you

The money stone of wealth

This is an ancient stone that has powers to awaken the soul spirits of riches, good luck and protection from your bloodline, a spell is cast to assign powers of wealth for this stone to bring a certain amount of money everyday into your house. The spirits will collect small amounts of money from the rich people until they raise the amount you need. If you need quick money, cast Instant Money rituals for this stone

In a conclusion, there are many Instant Money rituals that I cast, I cannot talk all about them in this article, but if you need to cast any of the money spells, contact me below I will help you

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