Illuminati agent

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Illuminati agent for power, fame and Money

Illuminati agent .I am one of the illuminati agents, I was given the powers to recruit people into the organization, there are guidelines and rules to follow in order to join. Below are some of the questions I have been asked, let me answer some of them.

How can you join illuminati?

There are terms and conditions that require someone to join illuminati, they cannot be discoursed unless you are interested to join. All you have to do is to reach out to  ( Illuminati agent ) to help you join

What can I expect when I join illuminati?

Every person joining this organization has a target why they want to join, some need fame, wealth power, spiritual healing, etc, you should let the illuminate agent know your interest of joining

Does joining illuminati require risks?

Well I hear this propaganda from people that once you join you will lose people close to you or they will die, this is all false, there just guidelines,  terms and conditions to follow, it doesn’t mean you have to kill someone to become a member or get what you want. Its all false. I am an Illuminati agent and I have recruited a lot of people to join, I have not seen one who has lost loved ones because of our organization.

Can I also be an illuminati agent?

To become an Illuminati agent you must be either a powerful person in your society following the beliefs of illuminate, and then I can help you apply to become an agent too.

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