Child custody spell

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Child custody spell that works

Child custody spell. The battle to win full or Joint  legal custody powers for your children is very stressful to every parent after breakup, it requires you to prove your case in court and in one way or another you might lose. I made this spell to help you win the custody of your kids or prevent legal terms to destroy the relationship between you and your kids because of a breakup. Below are the situations where this spell can help you

Child custody spell for denial to see your kids

If you have been rejected by court to get custody of your kids, and not assigned any right to be close to your kids, you can use this spell to break this situation, where it will help you get into good communication with your partner to see the way forward you can raise and see your kids even though you broke up.

Child support

You are paying child support for your kids but you want them to grow knowing you as responsible father, but their mother denies you access to them, a child custody spell will help you to at list create a good relationship between the mother of your kids so that she can cancel the full custody and at list give you a chance to always be with your kids lawfully.

Irresponsible partner

If you divorced your partner and she or he is irresponsible, i.e she/he can be alcoholic, or neglecting your children, the child custody spell will help you win this case of getting full custody of your kids so that you get to raise them in a healthy environment of a parent.

All in all if you have an ongoing case in court for Child Custody you can still cast this spell and win the case no matter the situation, contact me below to cast this spell, i will be glad to help you

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