Change gender spell

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Change gender spell that work

This magical Change gender spell is among the most potent spells I’ve ever cast. Without any negative side effects, it can transform you from male to female or female to male. A skilled spell caster who is knowledgeable about the power of the universe and spiritual casting is needed for this kind of spell.

Requirements needed to cast a Change gender spell

The Four Elements of the Earth (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space) were first created before the formation of humans. In order to change your gender, I use these four elements as well as my spiritual powers, which I draw from nature’s beginnings. This awakens the gender Jinn of creation, which gave you a gender when you were born. I’ll discuss these elements in the piece that follows.

Earth. The place you live when you are born.

Water and fire. Both these elements mixed create a force of spiritual creation of a soul and can be used to do spiritual rituals of awakening unknown demons and forces.

Air and space. Jinns and gods are mostly invisible, they need a comfortable position to awaken this is where these two element come in.

All these above forces are combined with my spiritual rituals and powers to enable the awakening of the Gender jinn, after the awakening a ritual is done to ask the jinn to grant you a gender of your wish.

Change Gender spells male to female

This spell is for you if  you are a man and you have feelings for women or gay but want to entirely transform into a woman. Without surgery, you can live pain-free and change into the kind of woman you want to be.

Change Gender spells female to male

This is a possible spell that I may do on you if you identify as a woman yet wish to alter yourself to become a man.

In a conclusion, Change gender spell ritual is pain free, it doesn’t require any surgery or risks, but you have to decide that you personally would like to change your gender. Contact me below to find out more about change gender spells.

Gender spell

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