A spell to attract love

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A spell to attract love that work

A spell to attract love is about the law of attraction. We attract what we become by nature, this is the same way this spell works, it creates attraction to you and this will become a reflection of a mirror in front of a person you want to attract.

 How to cast this spell

You will need to write down a person you names on the peace of paper and the names of person you wish to attract. After you burn them on the candle then, then I will cast a spell to bind both your souls together spiritually and then after you will have to mix the ashes in milk and bathe it.

When you bathing I will give you the right words to command your soul to attract any person you wish to attract.

When is A spell to attract love used?

A spell to attract love is commonly used to attract a new love let’s say you have a crush on someone who you wish to be in love with, but you afraid to be rejected or tell him or her. This spell  will drug him or her to you to seek your attention for love

It’s also used if you have a member of you family but you are not in good terms, you can cast this spell to create peaceful relationship with your family member

This spell is used if you need to attract attention and be loved by people, for example lets say you are a politician, or a leader and you want to be loved by a lot of people, this spell can also help you with that, or if you are a woman and you want to attract wealthy men or you are a man and you need to attract rich women.


It is important to note that this spell works best when it’s done before sun rise in the morning or at might night when you going to sleep because the energy around forces of the universe are active at that time. contact me be below to cast this spell today

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